My drive has stopped working

I installed the latest firmware update.

It supposedly was successful.

My drive is now no longer accessible from any PC.

The front light of the drive, what is the color at this moment, also, it is flashing, steady?

Have toy tried powering down the MyBook Live?  As it is unresponsive on the network you don’t have much of a choice to pull the power plug.

  • What is the make and model of your Router?
  • Do you have a network hub or switch between your NAS and computer?
  • Would have anything changed to give your NAS a different IP address?
  • Do you have the Bonjour service installed on your computer?
  • What colour are the LED’s on the NAS’s network connector?  (Which one is flashing?)
  • What colour is the LED on the front of the NAS.  (Is it flashing?)

If you press the reset button to reboot the NAS then any static IP setting will be reset to DHCP, the owner password will be blanked and the root user password will be reset to welc0me. In which case you’ll need to interrogate your router’s DHCP tables to see what IP address your router has given to your MyBook Live.

Post the results of your finding to this discussion thread.