"My Computer" will not recognize My Book external Drive

Hello, I know you probably get this alot. But I reformatted my Hard Drive and now it will not show up in the My Computer window. It shows in Device manager and shows in Disk Management but in Disk Management I get an error when trying to Reformat it. I have a 3rd Party program I can use to reformat it if that helps. I hope that I can fix this soon because I need to back up my files so I can reinstall Vista.

Thanks in advance,


Since you have no data on the drive, the easiest thing to do is to blow out the drive and format from scratch. You do this by doing a low level format (writing zeros) to the drive. WD makes a tool that can do this (It’s listed under most of the internal hard drives as Data Lifeguard Diagnostics). You could also try a third-party tool to do it.  Once you have done this you will need to initilize the drive in Device Manager, than format it.