My computer was infected with a Trojan virus and Passport cannot be seen now

My computer was previously infected with a Trojan virus. No ransom was asked and the virus was removed within a day. Some files started to be “locked” but they could still be opened by loosening the security by adding “everyone” to the list. Then later Passport drive cannot be seen on the Directory eventhough password was able to unlock the drive. Disk manager says the drive is not initiated. What can I do? Are files in the WD infected? I have backup but are those files also infected?

help …

@Mary_Cheung how did you find out your computer was infected? How did you clean it? I wonder if something is still affecting it.

If your drive cannot be seen (is not initialized), you don’t want to initialize it unless no other options exist. It could mean the data on it is gone. Do you have access to another computer to test it on? One that is also protected with anti-virus software? If it isn’t viewable there, either, it’s possible it needs to be reformatted.