My computer does not recognize my older "My Book" drives

I have 2 older My Book drives, the older one is a WD Caviar Blue EIDE Hard Drive 500 GB, and the other one is a My Book Home Edition 1 TB.

When I plug them in, the light comes on, and at times flickers as though the drive is running, but my computer does not recognize them. 

Any suggestions as to what I might do to get the computer to “see” them? I have already checked the power supplies and they are fine, since they work well with other drives.  The data cable is also fine. 

If I cannot get them up and running, is there any way that I can at least retrieve the data from them?

Thanks for your help with this!

Steve Lawrence

Check if they are recognized on the disk management window, if they are recognized, you can use a data recovery program like recuva or testdisk. Check the link below for the steps to access the disk management window.


Did your computer find the drives? If not, did you tested with a different computer?