My Cloud

I still don’t know much about this equipment…it sounded like something that would be very useful.  My biggest question is:  Can I actually see the files that are backed up???  I know the icons show me how many of what variety files are backed up, but I would like to see each file.  For instance, if I accidently deleted or lost an important file, can I go into My Cloud and find it so that it could be restored to my PC?



The answer to all your questions is Yes!!! I am including links to information that you can read to learn more about the My Cloud.


WD My Cloud User Manual:


See, My Cloud How It Works:


WD My Cloud Learning Center:

How readily visible your backup files are depends a lot on what software you use to back-up/mirror your files.  I would suggest a good mirroring program (FreeFileSync, GoodSync, etc).  This will create a mirror or duplicate of your backed up folders that you can readily view.  Other back up programs such as Acronis or Paragon will work nicely but the backup files they create on your MyCloud will not be as easily seen.