My Cloud will not accept any email address

Last year I bought a My Cloud Home as I believed I could use it as a floating drive music server. After copying all my music, setting up apps and accounts I discovered that it couldn’t be used in that way and I had wasted my time and money.

I now have a WD My Cloud. I have attached it to the router and gone to the setup page but each time I add an email address to my username I get an error 250010 “the email account cannot be deleted” and if I try to.log.into the app it says my email address is not registered. I have tried 3 emails.

I tried to get past this by using the code generator instead but got an error that a code couldn’t be generated.

I have been going round in circles for hours - can somebody please help.


Because I cant give any user an email address I also cant use the app because it wants me to sign in.
I can see the my cloud on the home network.

Can anyone advise please?

Did you ever get this sorted?