My Cloud Web Interface not available after upgrade via Android application

Dear Members,

I am happy user of My Cloud 2 TB for almost 3 years, I am very satisfied of the features and great speed if this device.

Last time I opened My Cloud on my mobile (Android app), cause I wanted to download some files. My Cloud was not updated for approx. 1 year, I was just using it mainly as a network localization in my local network with Users I created during first setup (shortcut \MYCLOUD).

During opening mobile app, My Cloud ask for Firmware update, and I automaticly pressed yes, I was sure it will not affect my access throught all sources. But after update, I cannot login into Web My Cloud access page, authorization is ok, and after it, I am looking at “Signing in…” frozen window, nothing happens later.

I can still access to My Cloud via local network (shortcut \MYCLOUD) and via IP access in local network (192.168…), I launched full checking of My Cloud via web IP interface, and it not showed any errors, it ended successfuly… I still have access to all technical modifications and confguration, but I cannot login via My Cloud sign up web interface to access my files.

Any ideas how can I bring back web signing into My Cloud? Thank you all in advance!

Ok, I solved this by turning addblock off :smiley: maybe this could be usefull, so I suggest to leave and close this topic :smile: