My Cloud vs My Cloud Mirror

I have the unique ability to trade via RMA my 3 TB MC for a 6 TB MC Mirror due to the problems I’ve had and the fact that engineering does not have a solution.

My original purchased equipment was 3 TB MC and a 4 TB My Book Studio. They are working and I’m wondering whether to “accept the RMA or not”. I do believe that the option is mine!

What advantages will  Mirror offer to me?

Is it much more complicated to configure?

Will My Book be recognized without data loss?

Will I be able to populate it from a pre-existing safepoint?

Is the learning curve as steep with the mirror as it is with the MC?

Well, you can go over the My Cloud Mirror forum and check their issues and make a judgement. Remember you will receive a Refurbished unit … not new. I believe the 6TB unit is really 3TB as the Mirror is RAID-1, but you could configure the Mirror as “Spanning” and have the full 6TB. Just do your homework.

I was offered a 4TB EX2, in return for one of my My Clouds, and declined because of all the issues in the EX2 forums and Online reviews … it just seemed I would be trading one set of issues for another. So, after talking to my Wife we are saving up for a QNAP and use the HDD Reds out of both My Clouds. Can’t use the My Clouds for “Cloud Access” due to the security risk of being hacked, so it seems are hands are tied on any options.

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SInce most people don’t have both it is oing to be hard to get a valid comparision

If it was me I would take the swap. I believe one of the biggist performance issues on the mycloud is the limited memory (256MB) the mirror has 512MB which should help unless they added bloatware.

you can either keep the same capacity with raid 1 which protects from drive failures or 2 - 3GB drives (if supported) I would stay away from making it one large drive as when either drive fails you loose everything

as far as safepoint restores I would ask WD but keep in mind there have been a lot of issues reported so even if it should work it may not

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take the Mirror, and re-use the HDDs.

regarding the additional memory: the mirror is not faster, it has more features in the software, some apps (which never receive an update). so the configuration is more or less the same.

I recommended one to a relative, who wanted an easy to configure personal cloud, so I know it I feel sorry for the recommendation now.

If you want to use your MC at home without internet-access, enjoy the higher availability of your data in case of a HDD failure, but remember, only a off-site and off-line backup is a real backup.

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thanks for all your replies …


I reviewed the mirror forum and decided that I would stick with My Cloud.


I read the mirror manual and wasn’t exactly certain how to recover from a MC safepoint to a Mirror.

I considered your input and decided that a 4 TB My Book Studio provides a sufficient safety net. For truly important data I use Fidelity Fidsafe