My Cloud suitable for music?

Hi everyone,

I’m new to this forum but have used WD HDDs for many years. I use them for store my music. I start with saying I have better knowledge to music than computers.
My current setup is that I use three HDD’s. I ripp my Cd’s catalouging them and so on using my laptop and from there I have one HDD storing them when I’m ready working on a CD. From there I copy to another HDD as a safety copy. Then I have a dedicated computer and a third HDD hooked up to my hifi system and listen to my music from that HDD. I ripp all my music to Wav. format as I’m an audiophile kind of person, and nowadays stoage cost is not that big issue.
I’m now running out of space on those three HDDs and looking for a new and mayby better way to store away my music and wonder if someone on this forum can advice me. It would be nice when work with an CD was done to store them on an home cloud with RAID, and
listen to the music from that Cloud. But I want it to be bitperfect. So if an file is for example
21 243 748 bits I want the copy to be exactly the same and that goes for when listening to the musicfile as well.
Some years ago I tried a backup software that altered the files in some way so that is a no go for me as well as MP3 FLAC and other alternatives.
I hope someone here can help me out if a cloud storage is the solution or if I just should go ahead and buy bigger HDDs and do it as I have done for the last five years.

Kindly The Swede

You are making this too complicated. Of course the MC Home is suitable for music as well as photos and video files. You need to refer to the complete user manual found on your device or downloadable from WD Support. Your Home is a “Network connected hard drive” (it is not a NAS) although both are servers that can serve up media files for programs and apps to play. These devices do not play the media; they serve it.

You need to learn more about your device from the manual.

Stop saying it isn’t a NAS, It is a NAS , it is definitely a networked attached storage device. It just doesn’t act like one.


Somewhere in the literature for the Home it is described as a “Network connected hard drive”, and how can it be a NAS if, as you say. it does not act like one? It does act like a NAS in that it can store and serve up files.

Instead of quibbling over this comment, why don’t you try to help the OP?

FLAC is a lossless audio format, if you encode a WAV into FLAC file you can get your exact WAV file back if you want. So is a stupid idea to use WAV as storage format because FLAC can do the same work and use less space.