My Cloud - steady red light

Hello, my Cloud drive (Gen 1) stopped responding, and when I look at the front LED, it shows a solid red.
I read thru’ the other posts on this community forum, and tried to replace the network cable (the network light shows a solid green - no activity LED at all).

The 4 second and 40 second reset don’t seem to do anything, and when I restart it, it starts off with the front LED being a solid Red. I can hear the drive spinning up.

I am comfortable opening the drive up - but at this point in time, is there a way to test whether it is the drive that has gone bad, or if there is something else wrong with it?

Also, if the drive is bad - I see where the drive can be replaced (and that I have to use Linux to repartition) - can I replace the drive with a larger capacity drive? Or does it have to be a 3TB drive only?

The user manual for the My Cloud unit will detail what a red front LED means. Generally nothing good. First and foremost is to try and access the My Cloud Dashboard on the unit. If you can access the Dashboard then maybe the diagnostics popup dialog box or the notification icon will give you a clue as to the issue. However if the drive is unreachable, and the unit isn’t obtaining an IP address then the odds of it being a drive problem is probably likely.

There are videos that one can find on Youtube for how to “shuck” the My Cloud enclosure to extract the internal hard drive. From there one can attach that drive to a spare SATA adapter or a SATA docking station or a USB to SATA adapter and attempt to read the data using either a Linux PC (or boot disc/flash drive) or Windows with third party Linux drivers installed.

Yes. One can replace the My Cloud hard drive with a larger or smaller hard drive. Personally I’ve experimented over the years with using a 250GB hard drive all the way up to 12TB in a first gen My Cloud enclosure. Plenty of threads discuss the process “unbrick” a bare drive and there are also discussions on how to “clone” a smaller hard drive to a larger one for use in the My Cloud enclosure. If you haven’t done so already use the forum search feature (magnifying glass icon upper right) to find many past discussions on “cloning” and “unbricking”.

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Thank you. I cannot get to the dashboard at all. I have removed the enclosure now, and have the bare drive. I’ll try to connect it to my PC (can now run Ubuntu on Windows 10) to see if the drive is accessible. I’m not really worried about the data - I have 1 backup (and the live source) of it thankfully.
So, the 3TB image that is referenced for unbricking will work with a larger drive as well and make the full storage available (and not cap to 3TB?)

Thanks again

There are a number of ways to unbrick a first gen v4.x single bay My Cloud. Some ways use an image file that corresponds to certain My Cloud hard drives. Or one can use user Fox_Exe’s directions that some of us have used successfully to install to a new hard drive.

User Fox_exe repositories:
Main Repository:
First Gen:

First gen directions:
File(s) used in first gen:
Latest first gen firmware:

One generally follows the directions (there may be an error or two). One does not adjust the values for the hard drive partitions that are manually created with these directions. After following these steps may get a front red LED on their My Cloud but one can usually access the My Cloud Dashboard where one then does a System Only restore that will fix the red LED issue and resize the user data partition to the full size (empty unused space) of the new hard drive.

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Thank you so much! I’ll try that out after work tomorrow. Fingers crossed