My Cloud Settings & Performance Issues

Before I return the 6GB My Could Mirror, perhaps someone here can help me with a fix.

On initial setup with FW 1.02.08 installed, when I go to “Settings” under the My Cloud Mirror browser configuration utility, I cannot navigate to any of the sub menus such as “Network,” “Media,” “Utilities,” “Notifications,” or “Firmware Update.” The initial “General” page will display, however I am not able to enable “Cloud Service” or “Connection Status” and the bottom button is greyed out (I believe it is the update or save function–which seems to update, but nothing is retained).

Also, my backup speed during my initial attempt to move files over the local 100Mbs+ network is <5Mbs and drops out every few minutes–so far proving to be as worthless as the level-1 support I am dealing with over the phone.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Well–instead of IE 11, I tried FireFox and all is well with settings access.

The network performance and dropouts are another issue entirely.

Perhaps 5Mbs for random size multiple files is the expected performance norm?

Any thoughts or suggestions?

If you are experencing network dropouts, I strongly recommend you assign static IP for your Mirror on your router. Most who reported network dropout issues have reported it went away after assigning static IP.

5 MBps is really low. Not sure what’s causing that.

Thanks–the level-1 tech support said 10Mbs is the norm for intensive data transfer backup write activities.

Hmm…10 MBps is still much less than what I’d expect. Someone else reported slow transfer speeds between 1 and 15 MBps here for the Mirror ->

I don’t have the Mirror…I have the EX2, which I believe are quite close hardware wise…not sure if they are identitcal (they may not be) but should be in the same approximate range and I get speeds of 42-44 MBps and 55 MBps - I just rememeber those speeds, can’t remember now which is for read speed and which is the write speed of my EX2. (I think the write speed is slower of the two).

I am now averaging ~12Mb/s in the midst of my 1TB backup.

I connected the My Cloud Mirror with Port Forwarding directly to the Verizon Wireless Modem (Actiontec GT784WNV).

Prior setup (5Mb/s):

My Cloud Mirror => Netgear Router/Switch => Sony STR-DA3700ES AVR => Cisco Wireless Router => Actiontec GT784WNV Wireless Modem