My Cloud problems

I have had a MyCloud device now for about 6 weeks and it is connected absolutely properly to my brand new imac and router

I have had nothing but problems with it.

I am going to send it back as unfit for purpose and expect a full refund.

I do not understand how WD can continue to promote, market, advertise and sell a device which is so obviously faulty.

This is evidenced by more than 90 pages of complaints on this forum and the huge number of bad reviews on amazon’s website

Shame on you WD. For once you should think of your customers instead of your profits



I am sorry you are having a bad experience with your My Cloud drive. Can you share a bit more about your issue?

Sorry to hear you are having problems but there are loads of people that are having no issues with their devices and they are working just fine.  Out of interest I looked at the reviews on Amazon and there were loads of great reviews for this product.  I found a recent bad WD Cloud review on the site and the guy complained about 4 out of the 5 products he had ordered, either he is very unlucky or he is hard to please.

Good luck with your Mycloud replacement I hope the replacement fulfills your needs.