My Cloud - Photographs displayed in random order

When entering MY CLOUD folders contain the image files in the correct sequence. However. on selecting the DISPLAY IN GRID icon the photographs are displayed in a random order which is somewhat annoying.

Is there any way to correct this issues or is it a feature.

Are you using the desktop app, mobile app, file explorer or what?


I am using the MY CLOUD App for my Imac and a MY CLOUD app for my IPAD. As I mentioned before the image files appear to be in the correct sequence, however, when switching to GRID FORMAT some of the images have been moved. I wonder if the app is applying some algorithm to make best use of the screen area as there is a mixture of landscape and portrait photographs. I would not have thought this could be on at it would be too complicated. I think I will go back to source and rename the files so that there are blocks of files relating to regions we have visited. Hopefully doing this I should get a sequence of related images displayed, which is not happening at present.