My Cloud personal storage - public network connection problem

Hello Everyone.

I am facing this problem since I purchased My Cloud, and so far haven´t been able to find a solution to it.

I have a couple of Iphones, a laptop (windows 10) and a desktop (windows 10) all under the same WIFI private network, and the Cloud works perfectly, either mapping or using the IOS app.

The problem comes when i am outside the network, say in another city/country, or in mobile 4G network, then even if my devices see the cloud they cannot access it.

How can I grant access to my cloud from a public network?

Thanks for your help.

Hello chickenfeet,

You should check the Cloud Services from the dashboard of My Cloud device. Ensure the My Cloud device Cloud Service is ON and Connected in either Port Forward or Relay mode.

Hello. Thanks for your reply. The service is ON in automatic mode, and it says is connected in relay mode.

Still facing the problem.