My Cloud OS5 Upgrade - Capacity Pie Chart Missing

I recently upgraded from OS3 to OS5 successfully on my My Cloud PR4100 with 4x 8TB running RAID-5, taking about 30 minutes total, including re-installing apps Anti-Virus Essentials (Clam-AV), Twonky Server, iTunes Server, and Plex Media Server.

Prior to this upgrade, I previously upgraded my 2 My Cloud PR2100, each with 4x 14TB running RAID-10, each taking about 15-20 minutes each, including re-installing Anti-Virus Essentials.

The first thing I noticed within the dashboard was the “Capacity” showed the TB Free Storage, and the “Capacity Pie Chart” was missing.

My question: Why was the Capacity Pie Chart removed in OS5? Has there there been any discussion and/or commitment to reinstate the Capacity Pie Chart in OS5?

I personally liked the Capacity Pie Chart when I was running OS3 and would like to see it re-appear in OS5.

Thank you very much in advance for your consideration and your response.

Good question to ask is why was the pie chart removed.