My cloud os5 on iPhone 15pro

I am surprised I don’t see a thread on this already. I am just getting my first NAS and I can’t use the top left and corner sections on my iPhone 15pro. I tried to turn my phone left and/or right but I guess the app doesn’t work on screen rotate and the screen is locked.
I am using a screen protector, but it’s not one of the heavy duty. I have outstanding touch sensitivity when using the rest of the screen and the corners with other apps, so it’s not on my side.
I have sent a feedback to wd but haven’t heard back yet. Has anyone else experienced this and found a solution yet? Thanks

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Do you own a 2nd generation WDMYCLOUD?

Absolutely the same problem here: the menu in the MyCloud app goes beyond the iPhone’s 15 pro designated screen boundaries which leaves me with a partly functional app. Browsing backwards not possible, for instance.

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My Cloud OS 5 Online User Manual (

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So upsetting…. And I have called and sent feedback, but seems like they don’t care yet. We need more people to complain about this

Same problem here. iPhone 15 Pro Max and I can not access the upper left and right corners. I am not able to add items from my phone to my mycloud.