My Cloud OS 5 exclude folders from photos section

Is there a way to exclude folders from showing up in the Photos section on the web app? This will be helpful to prevent ■■■■ from being displayed that is making the photos and videos list unusable.

It is a “feature” of O/S 5 that web access is granted/removed at the SHARE level.

Everything (I mean EVERYTHING) that is in a Share will be indexed and put up on the OS/5 web/phone apps. If there is stuff you don’t want indexed, or don’t want on the internet. . .it has to be in a specific share that does NOT have web access.

The cons of this approach (there were no pros mentioned) were discussed on the forum during the beta phase.

Well then it seems either use different share and don’t use its data over cloud or don’t use the Photos section. Very bad approach.

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You should share each folder separately and grant Mobile and Web Access.

The bad part is that all subfolders will be granted for Mobile and web access as well, so never share a root folder or you will be not able to exclude subfloders.

So, I created another share and moved data there and disabled mobile and web access. And … the share is still visible in both mobile and web access. Looks like bug.

Enabled and disabled the web access for mobile and web app and now its finally not showing.

I know that this problem was able to solve in OS3 and You(Devs) should make some opportunities to solve it in OS5. Give us more tools for managing our content by ourselves.

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i have the same issue