My Cloud only uploads when currently in the app...doesn’t upload in the background

Has anyone else noticed this issue? Whenever I upload pictures or videos from my phone using the my cloud app, the upload progress only works when currently in the app. If I start an upload and navigate away from the app (let’s say it’s at 400 mb of 890 mb) and then go back into the app later, it’s still at 400 mb. So if I ever upload large videos, I have to stay on the app until the entire upload is done. I can’t let my phone go to sleep either, or else it times out. It’s as if background refresh is turned off for uploads. Please help!

@Sammyj1404 What type of phone do you have and operating system?

iPhone X on iOS. I just read another thread that said you have to turn auto-lock to never. Makes no sense that this app can’t upload while in the background. It’s not 2010!

Maybe someone with a iPhone can help you out. I have a Samsung Galaxy S7.

The My Cloud iOS mobile app must remain in the foreground and screen unlocked