My cloud not showing up in File Explorer ?

My network NAS drives are not showing up in File explorer computer section.
Problem has happened before on tablets running Win-10-Pro
Not since the last update I can not longer see the Computer icons in file explorer.

See Photo
I can access my NAS drives via web browser but not via file explorer.


I don’t see your My Cloud Home showing either, but, this may help with the others.


Okay thanks, Works now.
Just had to select all of the SMB options and reset Network and fire wall setting to default.

Thanks, I had all of trouble trying to figure this one out.

20/5/2018 (Re)Activating SMB 1.0 from windows features worked for me too, thank you. It seems that windows likes to disable features with forced updates without even warnings.

Solution works for Windows 10, however I had to make sure ALL (3) boxes under SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support were checked. Thanks!!