My Cloud not recognised on Mac

I know there’s been a few posts over the last year about issue with My Cloud being used with Mac OS; I’ve not been able to find a solution my problem.

I have used a 2TB My Cloud with a Mac BookPro since July 2015 and although the My Cloud has never been fast in reading/writing data, it’s always been recognised by the MBP and I’ve been able to connect.

I updated to MacOS Sierra (10.12.1) a few weeks ago and thing started to go wrong, and then 3 days ago they went tragically wrong. I can no longer connect via my Mac to My Cloud; not via the browser, not through, not through Connect to Server, and not through WD Access.

I can access on the iOS app and on a Windows machine but just not my mac.

My Cloud firmware v04.04.04-101

Does anyone have any suggestions as I’m running out of ideas?

Are you using DHCP with your home router? Is it possible the IP address has changed?