My Cloud native file browser and file transfer

What’s the fastest way to move files between the My Cloud NAS and a removable drive (e.g.a. USB flash drive)? Right now, I plug the USB flash drive into the NAS and wait for the drive to be mounted and show up on my computer (Finder, in my case, since I’m using a Mac). Then I move the file between the flash drive and the NAS via Finder.

While this works, I find the file transfer incredibly slow (it’s a USB 3.0 flash drive plugged into the USB 3.0 port on the NAS). Not sure if this is because the data transfer has to happen via the Mac OS computer, even though the flash drive is plugged directly into the NAS.

I used to own a Seagate Personal Cloud NAS, and that device had a built-in native file manager ( which made it very easy / fast to copy files between the NAS and removable drives.

Does anything of that nature exist for the My Cloud?

If you have a lot to move then see the User Manual, Appendix C, P-95 use link below. Hope this helps.

“Workaround”: Install chroot and MidnightCommander inside. (Or use SSH console directly)