My Cloud Mirror on FAT32


I would like to purchase a WD My Cloud. But before I need to be sure it can do what it needs to do :slight_smile:

My wife and I are both using macintosh computers with Samsung Android phones.

We would like to use the drive to :slight_smile:

  • connect the drive via Ethernet to our Internet TV box (our router and wifi machine)
  • connect the drive to our TV via USB to watch movies and photos
  • backup our computers with Time Machine
  • place and access some files we would like to share with our computers.
  • place and access some files we would like to share with our phones (maybe photo stream ?)

The problem is that our TV only reads FAT32 drives, so can anyone confirm that we can do all the listed above when the drive is formatted in FAT32 ?

thank you in advance for any useful answer

The My Cloud Mirror is NOT a USB Drive, which is probably what the TV’s manual is stating when it says only FAT32 is supported.

The My Cloud Mirror is a NAS. So unless your TV supports media streaming from DLNA servers or NAS shares, it won’t work. If it does, then the file system format is irrelevant.

@TonyPh12345 is correct and Time Machine backups will force you to use HSF+

Here’s my setup at home.

(1) My Cloud PR2100
(4) iPhone’s
(2) Kindle Fire HD
(2) Windows 10
(1) Windows 7
(1) MacBook Pro
(2) Roku
(1) Smart WiFi TV
(2) WiFi Security Camera’s
(1) My Passport Wireless Pro (used as portable road trip wifi DNLA server for the kids Kindle HD)
(1) My Cloud Mirror Gen2 as the network backup for the PR2100

We run

  • Plex and Milestone Arcus on the PR2100 and stream over 2.4 and 5 GHz
  • Backup all of our iPhones using the My Cloud App to the PR2100
  • Time Machine Backup to the Mirror Gen2
  • Windows Backup with WD Smartware to the Mirror Gen2

Thank you Tony for your answer, I am not sure my Samsung TV allows that, it’s from 2010…

Which WD product would you then recommend me ? I need smth that I can access remotely with my computers and those small wifi drives are not good enough.

and what if I plug a real USB drive, like a MY Book Duo (FAT32 formatted) to the MY Cloud, would I be able to access it and manage its content with my computer ? I could use the second USB of the Duo to plug the TV…

Have you considered splitting the job, and get a NAS drive (like the MyCloud Mirror or similar) for most of the work (connected to your router), and then for the TV get something like an Amazon Firestick or a Raspberry Pi, connect it via HDMI and set it up with Kodi to act as a media player for watching movies and pictures, with it taking the data from the NAS drive via SMB or NFS across your network by Ethernet or wifi?

Thank you Darren for your answer, seems very interesting, never heard of that.

I am a mac user, so used to plug and play stuff and not very network coding friendly :slight_smile: will it be easy to configure for me ?

I mean install cody on the stick and link it to the NAS ?

Would you recommend the Amazon Fire TV or Stick ? I heard the TV supports heavier movies…

I am afraid of the streaming speed.

Personally I use a raspberry pi for the job, and that is very easy to set up but it’s a bit more expensive. Mine pulls movies and TV shows from my NAS (a MyCloud Mirror) without issue.

Hi Darren, I just received my Fire TV, very excited. :slight_smile:

I installed Kodi without any problem but could not find the way to link it with the NAS drive. Could you point me to some manual ?

Thank you

Thank you Tony !

Got it !

this is just soooo coooooool !!!