My Cloud Mirror Off Site Storage?

I am considering buying two my cloud mirror devices (6 or 8TB).  One would be at home for all the home movies, pictures, etc. and the other would be located in my office at work (off site) - this one would be use as strictly an off site back up in case of fire, etc. in the home.

I have two questions:
1.  Can I have one my cloud mirror (located at my work office off site) back up the my cloud mirror in my home??  If so, is it difficult to set up??

2.  If I can use a my cloud mirror to back up off site a my cloud mirror - would it be prudent to not set each device up in RAID 1 but set it up in RAID 0??  Therefore buy a smaller size, etc.

I greatly thank you ahead of time.



Please see page 74 and 75 of the user manual for information about a remote backups.

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