My Cloud Mirror Locking up

I just purchased and installed the My Cloud Mirror 2Tb 2 days ago and it has locked up now for the second time. It appears to start working for a while after cycling power. After installing I had it update to the latest firmware.

How do I fix this?

What dashboard apps (if any) have you installed, and what have you put onto the drives?

One normal issue is when you start to populate the drives, the device will scan the content for its various servers/daemons if they are enabled (e.g. the DLNA server, the picture server etc). That scanning can be quite processor-intensive, which can stop it responding to web requests and suchlike in a timely manner (ie they time out).

If so the solution is to disable the services you don’t need/aren’t using via the dashboard, or to just wait until it’s finished its scanning.

Or do you mean something other than being inaccessible when you say locking up?

The WD sync app says the drive isn’t available as does the portal. How do I disable those services?

Mostly via the dashboard. You’d need to reboot the MCM and connect to the dashboard as soon as you can before all the services start up again.

There are some methods to do this via SSH as well for some of the other drives, but I’m not sure they work on the MCM and in any case doing it that way would raise warranty questions as WD don’t like people using SSH into their boxes as it’s very easy to lobotomise them by a wrong move.

The other option is just to leave it for a while, as if it is cataloguing and databasing then it will finish after a while (could be a long while depending on how much it has to do and what’s on your drives) and things should return to normal.

One of the main culprits for this also used to be the anti-virus app they offered, which when it scanned stuff always used to almost completely take over the CPU processing power and basically the box went almost deaf, dumb and blind until it was completed.