My Cloud Mirror (Gen2) OS5 upgraded but I'm still getting reminders to upgrade from OS3 from

I have upgraded my My Cloud Mirror (Gen2) device to OS5 (actual Firmware: 5.18.117), everything went okay. Local Network access as well as remote access through app and My Cloud works fine after the upgrade.

But I’m still getting email reminders from My Cloud Team [] concerning the need to update my device. Despite I upgrade my device is obviously not perceived by WD as a device running on OS5.
Does anyone know whether this is a real issue?
I don’t observe any dysfunction on the device.
I’m thankful for any advice.

I think we ALL are still getting those messages.

MOST annoying.
Especially if you have more than one device.

Yes-- we have 10 units here and I get all the email

I’ve upgraded to OS5, yet my MyMirror keeps going offline. Anyone else having this problem?