My Cloud Mirror Gen 2 is constantly trying to power up

Hopefully someone can help me with solving the following issue:

As of today my WD My Cloud Mirror Gen 2 is constantly trying to power up. It is a very short cycle of about 9 seconds, starting with the power LED showing steady orange together with HDD 2 steady blue (for 2 seconds). The power LED then starts flashing blue and all HDD LEDs are off (4 seconds). After this the power LED switches off and the cycle repeats after a few seconds. During the time the power LED is flashing blue, the cooling fan is spinning up, but then stops as all LEDs go out.

I have made a case from this with WD and already got the response that there could be a filesystem check running, and that it might take several days to finish. Apart from streaming some music, I did not change any settings in the dashboard recently, nor was there any power failure or notification of that sort. So, I have no idea why it suddenly started doing this.

Does anyone have had the same experience?

Hi @EMerks,

My Cloud: Blinking Blue Drive LED:My Cloud: Blinking Blue Drive LED

Please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting: