My Cloud Mirror Firmware Version 2.10.310 (10/21/2015)

Does anyone have a full list of what this version of firmware fixes,

You’re not asking for this post below, right?

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I have seen this post,but like to now if there is any bug fixes .

If you go to the firmware download page, you will find the release notes there. They should lay out all that was done in this firmware.

Hi Bill_S,

Here is the firmware download page;

Here is the release notes page;

But there is nothing else on any of these pages, other than the ones you already shared here.

I am especially interested in what “Improved analytics support” means. Can we get some details about it? I would rather get it on the forums rather than opening a support ticket and receiving a private reply. I bet there are others who are searching for it on the net and the forums as well. It would be better for everyone to learn it.

Thank you.

I’m not completely sure, but I’ll look into it to see what I can find out.

Since the new operating system and mobile app updates, any heavy file manipulation I.e cut/copy/paste large uploads etc carried out from the iOS app is causing my unit to crash, requiring power down and reboot.

The app comes up with a message like drive no longer on line or is offline.

When trying to access from PC states drive not reachable, dashboard does not load.

This is making remote access somewhat useless!

I have a 4TB My Cloud, with this new firmware I “magically” got 2 more TB…