My cloud mirror backup to my cloud mirror


I bought 2 my cloud mirrors ( 4tb and 8tb), everthing is working fine. The only problem is that i can’t backupto the other my cloud. One is at my home and the other is at my parents home. when i am trying to create an external backup, i getthe option: Nas server or my cloud, i choose the my cloud option, then i have to login at the wd my cloud account, when i fill in the account of my parrents it says that it cannot connect ? With the same account i can connect from my home with the wd windows app the my cloud at my parents home. What am i doing wrong? i hope you understand me cause my english isn’t 100%.


Make sure that you are fallowing the steps correctly as described on the user manual.

Please see page 74, 75 and 76 for detailed instructions.

Are you setting it up to any specific share or to the public folder?