My Cloud Lost Files

I have used My Cloud for a few years and had files on it from 2 laptops. Recently I have been unable to find files from one of the laptops - the other files are accessible. I have tried searching different ways but no luck…

Any help would be really appreciated… thanks in advance…

And that is how? Win vs Mac? From what machine did you try? #1 #2 Both? What changed?

I used the original laptops (Windows 7 and 10) and my new Mac. Nothing else had changed as far as I can tell

Were you using a “Syncing” program? If you were, and the files got deleted on your laptops, then they are deleted on the My Cloud also.

no, I just copied the files across every so often, when I remembered to.

Which laptop (Win 7, 10, Mac) has lost files on the My Cloud? Are you sure no one deleted the files/or overwritten, even by mistake?

it was the windows 7 laptop. I’m the only one who accesses this drive and I don’t think I deleted anything.

Is there any way to connect directly to the drive rather than through the network? e.g. by USB cable?

No. You cannot connect a computer to the My Cloud USB port. The My Cloud USB port is a host controller port.

You can connect the My Cloud directly to a computer using an Ethernet cable however.

Back to your original issue about lost or missing files. Generally the My Cloud will not loose or remove files on its own independent of either user intervention or software intervention. It may be possible one had inadvertently MOVED files rather than COPIED files which would cause files to disappear from the computer or the My Cloud.

One can SSH into their My Cloud and check the /DataVolume/shares folder/directory for the subdirectory where one thinks they’ve copied files too, to see if perhaps the folder or files containing the data has been hidden somehow.