My Cloud "Links"

Can a “link” be created to post on other forums that will access the My Cloud device?
Like if I wanted to post a photo that is on the My Cloud device, or allow a link to allow someone to download a file that does not have WD software/app?


Yes you can create a link to a file stored on the my cloud for others to access. First step is to enable Remote Access. Next using the WD My Cloud Desktop application right click on the file you want to share, then select “Copy Link”. At that point your can paste that link into an email or transmit it to another person some other way. Or you can select “Email” when right clicking on the file to generate a new email message in one’s email client that will contain a link to the file.

One can also create a link to share with the WD My Cloud mobile app by selecting the file then selecting the Share Link icon, select the type of share, then the application (like email) to share the file with others. There is a similar process with the WD Photo app for sharing a link to a file by selecting the file then selecting the Share Link icon.

Note you may need to have the My Cloud firmware updated to the latest version for the link feature to work properly. If you search this forum you’ll find some are having trouble with the link option.