My Cloud Keeps chugging all the time

My Cloud Home drive keeps working all the time. It’s most noticeable at night when all other devices are shut down and the My Cloud is making a racket as it continues to work. What is going on?

I have same problem!!!
last week unusually i notice chugging all time althoug it’s might no uses for wd my cloud!!!

i fear to lose data!!!
what is problem?

This is not a problem this is how this product works.
I’d be worried if the MCH would be all silent :slight_smile:

So why mack noice unusually?
No worry about loss data or disk is damage?

Can you tell me why the drive keeps working even when I’m not accessing it in any way? What exactly is it doing?

You could refer to the following links:

Should, or can I, turn it off when we go on holiday, or even un-plug it if there is an electrical storm in the area?