My Cloud iOS / iPad No Sorting or Auto Refresh


When using the iPad app to get to “My Cloud” (weird, it goes via WD servers first, what type of security are they using to protect wrong access to “My Cloud”??) when displaying the fiels from any folder I can not “Sort” them like I can with the Windows “My Cloud App”… 

I have few thousand files in a folder that keep increasing and I need to be able to sort them, name, date/time, etc… They are all WAV audio files.

Also, if I stay on that folder, the apps is not refreshing when new files are added, should be automatic  or scheduled based (like every minute or so or better, when a file is added/removed from that folder).

Please advise how Sorting files from a Folder and auto Refresh could be done.


Hi Mephistopheles, the My Cloud servers are in place for remote access authentication. The iOS version of the My Cloud app currently does not support alphabetic sorting. 

You are just repeating what I posted. It does not help.

Need to be able to sort folder with the iOS apps.

A search function should indeed be added to the app. Either an overall search or a share folder search would be nice.

WD step up your game and start fixing the problems its getting ridiculous that we are play personal cloud service verses actually being a fully functional cloud provider