My cloud IOS application problem


i am using application for iphone. name is: (My Cloud)  it is very good. but when i am trying to send link via email, it is become blank. i cannot send link from my WD cloud. for PC version and adroid version is working perfectly. anybody know it how to solve this problem?


Hi, welcome to the community.

Have you tried un-installing and re-installing the application?

yes i try it. also i bought new phone and i install the program also same.

for example, my friend want from me some file. then i want to send him link of the program from my phone. then it is going blank email. anybody using iphone application? is it ok for you?


I’m using iPhone 6/64GB actual iOS but German configuration. Sending a link by email is working, but it is still a annoying advertising included. Some recipient have done it direct into spamfolder …