My Cloud iOS app

When playing music, why does it take so long to go to the next song after one is done? I’m on iOS 7.1.1 by the way using an iPhone 5s.

Sometimes it just doesn’t play the next song at all and I have to manually try to get it to play. There’s no smooth transition to the next track.

There is only one way to say it and I have even provided a picture to help justify what I am saying a little!

The answer is: because the app is a piece of junk. Compared to other NAS devices on the market that stream music WD is behind by what feels like generations both in performance and in quality experience! Take a look at the pictures I attached of another NAS on the markets music app. Its blows WD’s single app out of the water and then some.

As mentioned this company uses about 3 or 4 individual apps that are of the highest quality in performance. My cousin has one and it makes me regret attempting to be loyal to WD every time I go over to his house!


Wow that app looks amazing. WD needs to step up their app in regards to media playing. Cant believe the app has 4 stars. The app is what is keeping me from using WD exclusively.

I agree 100% with you! The app needs a complete refresh with both style and design. I cant even use the IOS app for my iPad because it is not compatible with IOS that is coming in September(another issue WD needs to fix VERY SOON). I have been giving it some deep thought over the last few months to switch to the company that makes that app because their NAS devices seem so much better and need very little work to setup unlike WD. Plus just as you said there app is so much better and WD is stuck in the 1st generation of things!