My Cloud Interface

My Cloud Access is always updating slowing access to shares. Why???,

How do you access them? I have Windows 11 Pro and use File Explorer to see my shares and it only takes seconds.

WD Access End of Support


I’m on a Surface Pro (2018) Laptop, Using Windows 10 Pro. The NAS unit is actually 2-4 TB’s drives, but they’re formatted as One 8 TB drive. I have numerous shared folders, only one share is used more constantly as a Backup Folder for an external backup program. I do use windows explorer to manage folders, but when My Cloud indexes the drive at a low percentage under low to mid 30%, thats when accessing the shares seems slower.

Sounds like you have a different device than mine. I have two WD MY CLOUDS, a 1st and a 2nd generation.

My NAS Device