My Cloud Index photos date is completely wrong

Everyone know google announce the end of free google photos.
I go to google takeout and download all my photos on google storage.
I extract the files on my pc and copy the folders to mycloud ex 2ultra.

Mycloud is indexing files for date of creation I think is not reading the exif from images.
It takes 4 days to index all files and index is completely wrong…

I have install Plex, and in Plex the timeline is correct photos are order by date reading exif.

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I exactly have the same issue. Very old pictures appear in the top of my list in mycloud mobile app. Moreover, I tried the Plex workaround but I can not access the configuration page (ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED). Can anybody help ?

Thanks in advance

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Manual remove plex by ssh and install again.

Try this
rm -Rf /mnt/HD/HD_a2/Nas_Prog/plex_conf

Thanks for your answer, i finally managed to use Plex, but my main problem is that WD indexing doesn’t work properly and many old pictures and movies appear on the top on the list in the mobile app :frowning:


I have report by email to WD support, I hope it fix on next firmware update

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Olá, tenho o mesmo problema, alguém sabe como resolver? (acontece no aplicativo móvel)