My Cloud Home ; What's in it for a My Cloud user?

I was looking at the difference between My Could and My Cloud Home on the following page:

However I don’t understand what’s really the added value of My Cloud Home for an already-existing My Cloud user ?
Could someone explain me / or understand why WD released this new line ?


Because they can and wanted to! Technology is always changing and for some people this product may be just what they want but for me I am sticking with my My Cloud (1st generation 4TB).
Did you read this?

I know I read on here somewhere that the My Cloud Home is not a replacement for the My Cloud.

Have you looked at the User Manual for the My Cloud Home to see how it operates compared to the My Cloud?

Thanks cat0w. Reading the manual still makes it difficult for me to get the difference. The announcement they published (that you shared) could exactly apply to the “standard” MyCloud.
Adding a product line had a cost, and I wonder what’s their differentiation / selling argument vs regular MyCloud.

Not an official response in any way (all opinions below are my own), but from my limited experience with the drive I can tell you that it is a radically different product. If you are looking for a more traditional NAS, stick with a My Cloud (or even better a My Cloud PR4100 :sunglasses: ) - The My Cloud Home is a “Personal Cloud” drive… its a completely different feature set.

Here are some videos showing the My Cloud Home in action - this might help illuminate why you would want one:

Thanks Scott.
Funny that on the video, the presenter puts a single-drive device on the
table, but his iPhone is discovering a duo version :slight_smile:

the duo version is on the table behind him. The one on the table is probably just for the demo.

From what I have read here, the Home doesn’t use Twonky server; instead it uses Plex, therefore no Twonky DLNA media server nor iTunes server. WD appears to have made a closer alliance with Best Buy to make products just for them, and I believe the Home and Easystore drives are a Best Buy exclusive product.

It’s become pretty obvious the Home is not an upgrade of the original MC box. Someone wanting an upgrade of their basic My Cloud should be looking into the next level of WD NAS boxes starting with what is listed in the category of NAS devices starting with bottom line EX series all the way to the top end PR series.

Not sure about the Easystore, but the My Cloud Home is a Best Buy exclusive for a limited time according to the press release.

With no additional service subscription required, the My Cloud Home and My Cloud Home Duo solutions are protected by a two-year limited warranty and are available exclusively now from in the U.S.3 and at select retailers and distributors around the world3.

3My Cloud Home and My Cloud Home Duo are available exclusively at Best Buy for a limited time in the U.S.

I’ll add that a WD Staff member here told me the MC app for phone only comes in the iPhone version and an iPad version is not planned. That’s kind of a dumb move in my opinion and there should be an iPad version, too.

@SBrown said no such thing. His exact quote is:

Hello, The My Cloud Home Mobile App is not available for the iPad. A mobile browser such as Safari, Chrome or Firefox can be used instead.

He said that an iPad version is not available - that is different from not being planned. I don’t know if such a feature is planned or not - and if I did, I wouldn’t be able to discuss it here until an announcement was made. At the moment - planned or not - there is no iPad version of the application so the two options iPad users have is to use a web browser, or use the iPhone app that the OP on the thread where this was discussed was complaining about.

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This is really a different product from the MyCloud line. In the Home Duo forum section a staff member replied my questions, the new MCH doesn’t have a Dashboard interface, twonky and iTunes, the device interface is through the mobile/desktop app and web app. It is not a complete NAS, shares behavior are different, there is no public share, each user has its own personal share.

I see that this product is for the basic user, it’s more plug and play, simpler to use but it seems more solid, the hardware is a quadcore processor and it has 1 GB of RAM ( the my cloud mirror 2gn has a dual core and 500 MB RAM)

I think I am going to buy this new product to replace my actual Mycloud Mirror 2 Gen 8TB, because since I bought it I am struggling to get it work the way I want. I can’t turn cloud access and media service on at the same time because the device gets unusable, the dashboard gets very slow and streaming videos and music freezes all the time, also time machine takes too much time to start and complete. I have been using my device with the cloud feature disabled to get usable performance, which makes no sense (because the main feature should be the cloud access). All my problems were related here

So if the performance of this new device confirms to be more solid than the one I have, I will probably give it a try. I don’t care for SSH, public share, twonky and iTunes as long as I can mount the share as a drive, having a flood navigation into the folders and access it smoothly out of home.

I am bit in the boat of the questioner who asked why they released. However, in my case I had a MyCloud that had been working well then crapped out. So, needing a replacement I bought a MyCloudHome, thinking it was just a newer version. Clearly it is not, but it has likable and hateful features. I’ve managed to back up two desktop PCs and a laptop, as well as my macMini and wife’s MacBook Air, but keep bumpling up against things that don’t work.

I THOUGHT the Sync feature was supposed to work, but now have found a table that shows that SYNC is NOT supported on a MyCloudHome. So it looks like “drag and drop” or find another backup software that keeps up with most commonly used files. Has anyone seen a GOOD video that puts all this together?

I have 12 Western Digital external drives. 4 are USB and the remainder (including the My Cloud Home 4TB) are networked. Of the 4 USB 2 are connected to the USB 3 ports on my router, and 2 are connected to my machine.

When I purchased the WD My Cloud Home drive (October or November of last year), the very first thing the software installation disc did was to remove all the software for the other 11 drives, without any warning whatsoever (strike 1). It seems you see, that the My Cloud Home software will not work with the other 11 drives, nor vise-versa.

When I purchased the My Cloud Home (at best buy), They had boxes for the original WD My Cloud on the shelf, but when I went to get them they said they had none in stock. I asked what the difference was between the models and was told that the My Cloud Home was just a newer model. They said it should work the same but with some new features.

Two of my internal sata drives are WD as well, but Personally, as someone who has WD Elite (x2), My Book 3TB, My Book 4TB, My Book Live 2TB, My Cloud 4 (x3), My Cloud 6 (x2), and My Cloud 8, and then the My Cloud Home 4TB, if what is offered is limited to the My Cloud Home, I will be looking elsewhere.

As well, the My Cloud Home suddenly disconnects from the system which I later get an email about it having its firmware updated. Since I am not running its software, this is not something that I can seem to change. Also I keep getting emails about the state of the space on the drive.

No dashboard on these new drives that I’ve been able to find.

I would have to say that thus far in my experience it gets a big thumbs down for me.