MY CLOUD HOME unable to access files locally when server is down

Why cant I access my “my cloud home” when the WD servers are down? Its been down for 7 hours so far. I’m using the locally installed WD discovery software and as soon as the servers go down both the web interface and WD discovery both stop working and the file system is inaccessible. This is unacceptable. I can understand the web interface being down when the servers are down but why does the WD discovery rely on this to? Why would local network file transfers be dependent on the WD servers being up. The PLEX server on this same device is still working and accessible so I know its not anything else with my network or the device itself.
I’m losing patients with MY CLOUD HOME platform/product/service.
Fix it so that there is some local redundancy!

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This seems to be a theme.

I once did look at the box for a MyCloud Home. Totally deceptive advertising. Definately reads like it has the functionality of a proper NAS.

Definitely does NOT have the functionality of t proper NAS.