My Cloud Home Service Outage - 02-Apri-2023

You use a cloud service that may not work like any other cloud service or you do not understand or do not want to understand… Want a full stand-alone nas? Flip or buy another…

What is going on? The lack of information from WD is probably the worst I have seen. As part of that their CHatbot is just telling me its only open from 9 am. Its now after 10 here. Unlike some of you I can connect one laptop via WiFi but the desktop machines no way.

The issue is that what is remotly accessible is not locally accessible.
And this is a pain as I work 80% of my time remotly.
But cannot access today to, at least, copy the files I need to work.
Very disappointing. Making plans to avoid WD products as they change too many of processes and here clarify their unability to face a major outage.

So please, if anyone has a bypass idea to access the files locally stored but needing remote authentification, please share with us.
And last, I don’t need to be spelled as dumb or any terms like this. I am a user, not a coder ; just a customer for a product that helped me to work remotly and home.


It does not work only for you and for those who do not understand what he buys and how it works… What are the problems of flashing wd? Make a nas out of it and not use cloud services? Biden’s parrot can close any cloud social network online service at any time…

How about read out the definition, huh seeder? It a MY CLOUD HOME, WD makes it simple for people to use, with remote access. Now what you said is called “cloud services” has stopped working, so we complain, ok?. Not for your dumb @ss seeder to jump in and blame us not knowing how to use things. Cuz yourself is dumb, and don’t just mention the US politics and sht in here, Im not even in the US, im just an angry customer who got upset with the poor quality service, and now becoming more rage thanks to your seeders.!

The company wd is USA and all the services that are there and controlled by them no matter where you want to turn off Google and any other cloud service… Here you can howl indefinitely until you get a full-fledged nas. It does not reach your coot that the cloud is not yours and does not belong to you… What to do above

Dear WD team, please give us info when the server will come back. Im very dissapointed with this… No announcement that u make every hour to update to us…You just make us hanging n waiting…you should update the maintenance info every hour.


So a seeder just confirmed that the product which we buy is not ours, GUYS. WE PAY FOR NOTHING GUYS, A DIRTY @SS SEEDER JUSR CONFIRMED, ACKNOWLEDGE, PEOPLE!!!

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Exactly… Yours in this case is a box with wires and a disc for which you paid

So just STFU now, you’re not helping,
Seeder plus blamer, what a fricking joke

It’s seems there was a security breach:

This is hell!

Is there a possibily to connect WD drive to a computer directly?

Did Beedon tell you this from Chinese TV?

This is what has happened.

Oh, it seems like it will take more than 48 hours. I hope our data is still there.

Any one used male to male USB download the files directly?

hope so :cry:

This is really very very bad. No way I will ever store anything on a mycloud server again - will rely on good old USB disks in the future. The communication from the company is simply awful - no message to users, no obvious message on the main website - I fiddled around with my user account for several hours yesterday, thinking it was all my fault. They can flood users with mails on new products and how to buy all that - why not with such important information?