My Cloud home network

Hello all,

I’m looking to set up a shared space (between two laptops) using the My Cloud hard drive.  I don’t need to access the drive from outside of my house.  I was thinking that if I hook up the My Cloud hard drive to a Linksys router, then plug the hard drive in to the LAN port and the two computers in the port 1 and 2 respectively.

I would like this shared space network to be completely independently from my wireless Internet network.

Will this work? am I missing anything?


Most routers are Wifi routers, and switches all integrated and some more.

If you want to have your shared spaced only available to the computers connected to the router through its Ethernet switch, you will have to either use a router withour Wireless capabilies, or disable the wireless function of that router, so that no other computer can access the private network of your computers and NAS

Why would you? Having the My Cloud also accessible through wireless is still a benefit in my opinion. Just throw a password on there and other people on your wireless network will be unable to access it


There is a way to have two separate networks but it depends on how confident you are at doing this, it will be much easyer to just password the drive as the other guy said and you dont have to disable your Wi Fi network then.

Also depending on the router you have some have guest Wi Fi Networks !!!

I can tell you how to do all this if you really want to try it ?

Thanks Colinthomas,
Yes, I would really like to try and set it and not use wifi so I would greatly appreciate your help.

I have a linksys e1200 router. I have connected it successfully using wifi.

I’m not sure how to set up the cords. Do I run a cord from my WD Harddrive to the internet port on the router, and a cord from port 1 on the router to my laptop ethernet port?

I have been able to turn off the guest wifi.

Thanks for any help.

internet port on router should be connected to modem

the two pc and the wdmycloud  should be connected to port 1, 2 and 3 of your router