My Cloud Home Issue with Sync’ing Specific Folders

I have a My Cloud Home device which I use as a backup for two computers, two iPads and three phones. I am having an issue sync’ing specific folders on one computer. This computer is running Windows 10 Home. iCloud and OneDrive are both on this machine: I use OneDrive but I do not use iCloud. I have 2 user IDs on this machine. I have three Documents folders: one on iCloud, one for each user ID. My issues are:

  1. I am able to sync the OneDrive Documents folder, but not the Documents folders for each user ID.
  2. I am able to successfully sync the Music folder under 1 user ID, but not the other user ID or OneDrive.
  3. I am able to sync the OneDrive Pictures file, but not the other two user ID pictures files.

How can I get all of these to sync? I’ve read the User Manual with no avail. Any assistance is appreciated.

Are you attempting to use WD Discovery Desktop Sync option or are you using Social Media and Cloud Import?

I am trying to sync certain folders on my computer (such as My Documents, My Music and My Pictures) to my WD My Cloud Home using the software loaded on the WD My Cloud Home. This is for both storage and retrieval (of My Music folder for Sonos).

For instance, when I right click on the My Music folder, I get the option to “Sync” to the WD My Cloud Home. However, when I right click on the My Documents file in my user ID, I do not get this option. But if I click on the My Documents file in OneDrive, I get the option to Sync to the WD My Cloud Home.

I want to be able to sync all 3 My Documents files in my system (User ID1, User ID2, OneDrive) to my WD My Cloud Home. How can this be accomplished?

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@KWGilbert OneDrive and other 3rd party Cloud Storage are not a supported Desktop Sync folder paths.
The only supported folders for Windows are mentioned in KBA noted below.
You may want to try the Social Media Cloud Import that supports OneDrive Consumer.

@SBrown , thank you for the response. I understand the information that you shared. However, I am not trying to back up 3rd party Cloud Storage onto my My Cloud Home. I am trying to back up My Documents for my user name. When I right click on the My Documents folder for my user name, I do not get the option to Sync it.

However, if I clock on the My Documents on OneDrive, I am able to Sync this to My Cloud Home (despite the fact that I do not want to sync this file).

How can I fix this so that I sync the “C:\Users(username)\My Documents” folder?

@SBrown, I found part of the issue. The “Documents” and “Pictures” folders show below were mapped to folders of the same name on One Drive. I changed that mapping to they go to “C:\Users(username)\Documents” (or “C:\Users(username)\Pictures”). However, I am still not able to Sync these to My Cloud Home.


What else am I missing? Thanks in advance!

@SBrown, I found another piece of the puzzle. After re-mapping the folders show above to their proper C:\Users(username)(name of folder), I am now able to sync these folder to My Cloud Home.

However, I am not able to sync C:\Users\Public\Public Documents to My Cloud Home:
When I try to, Sync is not an option:

Do you know how I could sync the Public Documents folder?