My Cloud Home image backup

I have a My Cloud Home 8tb network drive. I also have the My Cloud app on my iPhone. It backs up all images I capture with my phone, which is great.

But it also seems to back up all images it finds on my MacBook. This is bad because I am a web developer so there are lots of random web images on my computer that I do not want backed up with my personal photos. How can I turn that off? It is really annoying. So much so, I am tempted to disconnect this drive and trash it.

If you were last here 6 years ago and have not kept up with the WD forums or bought new WD personal cloud storage, then it is likely that you don’t have a My Cloud Home but have another ‘My Cloud’ device.

The My Cloud Home has a white top half and silver bottom half and runs OS4 which is a severely cut down version of the WD network OS.

It is also unlikely that the My Cloud Home is finding all images it finds on your MacBook because such functionality is no longer supported.

If you do actually have a My Cloud Home and no longer wish to backup from your MB, try uninstalling WD Discovery:

It is an 8TB My Cloud Home I purchased six months ago. Honestly, I don’t like it as much as the My Cloud I had six years ago.

I found out what was happening - it was pulling all images it found in a backup folder (where I backup my desktop). It’s displaying them on the web interface ( under Photos. I don’t particularly like that. I guess it’s just another reason to dislike the My Cloud Home.

re: backup folder
Generally the private space is not for backup files. That is why there is a Public space for Windows and macOS backups. When you backup to the Public space, the image files are not indexed to be seen as oppose to files in the private (but online shareable files through the webapp) space.


  • The Public Share can be used for Windows backups.
    * The TimeMachineBackup Share can be used for macOS backups.
  • They should not be used for local file or data storage.
  • There is no Recycle Bin.

Thanks that makes sense. I’ll use the public folder for backups.