My cloud home Duo-- Very slow in the Network

Hello, my my cloud home duo with 16 TB in Jbod is in the last time very slow.

Only 18MB/s. Before I had over 70 MB/s .

Where is my mistake?

I have the app WD discovery and when I want to transfer big files, I only reach 18 MB/s.

I have all gigabit cable and now my cloud home duo is running in Jbod.

I tried to close all Media servers and apps running on it, but it is still the same.

Thx for your replies…

Hi murat1981,

You can refer to the link mentioned below in order to resolve you issue.

hi, have you solved this problem? I am in the same situration as you were.

Same issue listed here apparently:

Since when did you notice it?

Are you talking about the user private space or the public share?

Those tips simply don’t work.
Nothing has changed in my network or how I use the device.
It slowed down on its own out of the blue.
This is for sure related to a firmware update.
You should really be digging deep into this.
As it happens to more than one device in the exact same way, it is obvious that there is something wrong with the firmware.

@SomeoneInTheFarm @bearyoung @murat1981 what country are you located in?

Hello, I think the mistake lies in that router what I have. I realized it when I plugged out the cable from the ISP. Then I had again 75 MB/s.