My Cloud Home Duo - Plex Server issue

Hi all,
I tried to find topic like that before, but there was no result, answering to my issue.

Yesterday I wanted to add Plex to my new MCH Duo (newest software), and it start well, but during the configuration on Plex site it’s request to download and install plexmediaserver, with .bin extension.
I looked a few hours in google how to make that, but I didn’t found any help.

I saw on a few videos in YouTube, that Plex is starting without installing any server.

Any one knows how to install server, to start use Plex?

Thank you for help.

Thank you for your answer, I saw that article, but after 2nd step Plex is requesting to download media server.

Plex Media Server service for My Cloud Home differs from other versions Plex:

1)The 1st time installation of Plex must be enabled and configured on the local network
2)A Free Plex Account is mandatory when used with My Cloud Home
3)Plex DLNA Media Server is Disabled by default, Smart TV and 3rd Party Media Players may not see the My Cloud Home until DLNA is enabled in Plex