My cloud home DUO newbie questions (smart? errors? adding 2nd disk when 1 is used?)

Hello guys!

I searched nearly everywhere but I was not able to find answer for these questions:

When I turn the device on, I am getting message on my phone/tablet that there are two errors on the disk found, but I am not able to see which one are there.
Related to that is my second question - I am not able to make chkdsk or something like that (or see understandable s.m.a.r.t. output for the hdd… The only thing I am able to export are the logs which are useless for my understanding of the device state. Is there a way how to check the disk and see results of actual S.M.A.R.T. monitoring?

The third question - I am using only one 2TB hdd WD Red and I want to put inside another one. If I do so, I presume that the contents of hdd1 will be copied as a backup to recently added hdd2. IS my presume correct (Yep, I have mirroring turned on).

Thank you for your answers and help! :slight_smile:


Don’t know about this error messages. If it’s new I would start anew.

If you bought a MCH Duo there should be two disks inside already.

Yes, I know, but I had only one (and knew it before the purchase).

I will response to a part of my question - I just added second HDD (the same manufacturer and size) and everything is working without erasing anything out of the first HDD and the error messages used to display during the startup on cellular phone disappeared.

Hi all. I have a OneDrive account but is getting near the 1gb mark. Am thinking of getting the MCH duo and can anyone tell me if this product is any good for a novice? I haven’t got any NAS experience or networking knowledge. From the reviews I know there is a desktop app and a web UI you can drag and drop to, but can you pull it from the web UI and put on pc? Also, I have seen that backing up via USB is now available, can anyone confirm that? Sorry to be a pain but really not sure if I should get this or just pay and increase my online storage? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Most people coming here are very disappointed about this product and lack of support from WD.

Thanks Austin for the info. It is just that I have tried an EX2 and for the life of me, couldn’t get it working. The MCH seems easier to deal with but am worried about all the issues people are facing, especially with the poor response from WD in most of the threads. Regards.

Hello, based on my experiences it is good for newbies. It just doesn’t have so many features as server. If you are looking just for something like Dropbox experience and don’t want to pay fee yearly for online storage, you are good to go… Yes, you can download your files via web browser, the uploading is limited to 4GB files (through browser only, not through the app). I don’t know what do you mean next, but you can connect USB drive and backup your files into your WD… But you can’t use externals as expandable memory for it…