My Cloud Home Does not recognize Product Key

I just received my new MyCloud Home device today. I downloaded the software from the App Store on both my iPhone and iPad. The software didn’t find the device in the auto mode so I manually enterred the Product key provided with the unit. System does not recognize the key. Since it does not work, I can’t install on my desktop because you need to send an email from the connected device which will allow the software to be downloaded onto the desktop. I am DIW.

Perhaps your routers dhcp is not working and the Cloud home is not getting an ip address.

Turns out there is a power issue with WD Home unit. Initially wouldn’t power up, then disconnected and reconnected power. Power Lighting sequence came on as specified. Went to try iPhone and iPad manually but it wouldn’t. Went back to unit and the power was off again. Disconnected power and reconnected. No luck. Am sending back to Amazon.

I am open to suggestions as to what to replace the unit with. All I want is a wireless storage unit that my devices can connect to including my desktop via ethernet cable. We have all of these pictures and videos that we want to off load from our devices.

Suggestion welcome…




The truth be told – This WD Cloud Home really ■■■■■.
Do yourself a huge favour and by a Synology DS120j NAS (best entry level unit)

It’s 100 times a better unit.

BTW neither unit is wireless. They connect to wireless router with a cable

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So I want to upload / download wireless to/from iPhones/iPads. My old WD Duo worked fine for that. Stopped working a few years ago. I need something simple but reliable for my wife and I

The Cloud home has almost no software. You can’t even backup up the unit.
After the last update I can’t even get my large files off the unit. Keep getting errors when
trying to copy the files.

Check out the The Synology DS129J . For close to the same price You get a real NAS and lots of free software that comes with it. One is called HyperBackup. Photo software. and much more

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