My Cloud Home, dhcp assign static ip to mac-address, problem

i buyed month ago 2 My Cloud Home with 4TB disk.
My mistake was i think this are network nas, but no, they are Stranger Things, like Netflix tv series.
But i have un idea, in my firewall, i associate mac-address to one private static ip, for each nas.
I used each nas for backup, and i see each nas on my nettwork with static ip, without problem.
Today, i see on my network only 1 of these, dont see second nas on network.
I see second nas only with WD discovery, so wired cable is ok, but dont see file stored thru network.
Can resolve in any mode this problem ?
Can see my file in any mode ?
Otherwise, can share nas drive assigned by WD discovery in my Windows 7 system, with other pc ?
Thank you

That sounds like it could be a network problem.
I am not sure of your network configuration but here are a few things you can double check:

  1. Re-verify the addresses for each device in your firewall (make sure you have unique MAC and IP addresses)
  2. Make sure your computers have one IP address each and I recommend it be set to obtain IP address automatically unless you are getting a conflict in which case you might have to set it to manual.
  3. Try pinging the clouds IP addresses to verify if they are reachable; or if your WiFi and your cloud are on the same network, you can use any network analysis software via your smartphone to verify MAC and IP addresses
  4. Check your windows network protocols (windows firewall, public / private network, etc) If it’s a home network make sure it is set to private.
  5. Reboot everything on your network.

Usually these steps should clear up any network issues, if it doesn’t you may have to go find your receipts.

Re-verify the addresses : i have only 2 entry in firewall, for assign static ip to my 2 wd cloud home, 1 run and 1 not run
Make sure your computers have one IP address each … : i can try to obtain ip from dhcp, it’s this a way to assign static ip, WD cloud Home can keep this way ?
Try pinging the clouds IP addresses to … : dont work, i try many time
Check your windows network protocols … : it’s ok
Reboot everything on your network : just done yesterday

Thanks for help.

You can always try mixing and matching or changing your Ethernet wires completely. Also make sure that the static IP addresses chosen are outside the range / pool of IP addresses the DHCP server uses.
Just for the record that’s how my woes started on my “My Book Live” 3TB, I would see the icon that should take me to the interface page, double click on it and then get an error message “The site can’t be reached”.

Obviously ip assigned is out of range, my work is on IT, but this nas are true stranger things.
Dont understand why must connect thru WD to see my files. Next time i must read much better before buy something.
For the record, disk inside case, can be used outthere, you know ?
Anyway, next time, i buy only Synology, like other time.