My Cloud Home - Backup/Safepoint?

I had two My Clouds with a nightly backup, the safepoint was across my LAN to an outbuilding so it was safe and effectively off site.

When the primary My Cloud failed with solid Red I wanted to replace with the latest and faster My Cloud Home but it seems that there is no facility to continue to backup between the devices as with the older.

I have only just purchased, should I return the unit and buy the older one? Or can I replace with a third party backup software such as Acronis? I found it odd that the concept of a Safepoint had been removed as a function as how else do you secure the data on the My Cloud?

If you want to continue using it as you were before, yes, return it and get the regular My Cloud.

Thanks will do. Is there an alternative WD NAS that will work with the original safepoint (myCloud 3tb) that has the gigabyte Ethernet and the higher spec processor?

If your My Cloud 3TB has safepoint backup you are using the first version that has a 04x FW version. The New My Cloud devices running 2x FW versions do not have safepoint and use remote backup instead.

The 2x FW my cloud devices can be a safepoint backup target if you are backing up a 04x device to a 2x device.Additionally there is a utility Safepoint Migration that can be used to migrate to the newer My Cloud device. here are a few knowledge base articles that may help. You could also contact WD support directly.

Thanks for your prompt response.

If I read this correctly. I’ll use the term old drive to mean the 04.x and New Drive to mean the 2.xx Drive. I understand that I can use use the migration tool to recover the data from the Safepoint to the new Drive from the old.

But I will have to use the old drive as my primary device, because it can’t support Remote Backup as a target. I will then have to put the new drive with the faster network and dual core CPU as the Safepoint.

I won’t get any benefits of the new device unless I replace both. I have just ordered a Refurb 3tb from the WD site as this is my least expensive option but that is frustrating.

I have an old WD my cloud and just bought a WD my cloud home. You are saying that there is no way to copy from the device at all

That is what I understand. I have returned my MyCloud Home device because of this, but I believe that the idea is that you back up to Internet Cloud services or a USB device. This makes it unsuitable for my needs.

I have now set up my WD Cloud Home. Ways to copy information to the device are great but ways to download content are rubish. With my old WD Cloud i didnt need a Computer to backup or administration. With the New WD my cloud home you need a Computer if you want to backup or copy folders from the device. This is totaly wrong way these days when more and more dont use Computers anymore