My Cloud Home and ibi Software Beta Program

Did anyone get an email from WD the other day with an invite to the new Beta software they have coming?

I got this the other day after signing up a while ago, as I was hoping the new beta software would fix Plex

Dear My Cloud Home, My Cloud Home Duo and SanDisk ibi users,

Congratulations you have been accepted to participate in the My Cloud Home and ibi software beta program. If you do not currently have an account on the WD community, please use the following link to create an account ( If you use an email different than the email used to apply for this beta program, please respond with the email used so we can add you to the private beta group on the community. The private beta group on our community is where we will post all beta program communications and you will be able to post any feedback or comments regarding your experience.

In the beta application you indicated that you are comfortable using your own device for this beta program. This beta update is a one-way update and cannot be rolled back to a previous version. Please note at the time of beta the only app/service from the Do More Store that will be supported is Plex. If you have other Do More apps or services installed, they will not work after the update to the beta software. Additional Social and Cloud Import apps such as Google Drive, Google Photos, Dropbox, Facebook, will be available after the beta program. If you are not comfortable using your own device, please provide your shipping address so we can arrange the shipment of your beta testing device.

If you are still comfortable using your own device for this beta program, the next step will be providing us with the MAC address of your My Cloud Home or ibi device and the email used to sign into your device. We will add your device and account to the beta program pool and will push the beta software to your device. We will send out a notification 48 hours prior to the software release. Please ensure your device is turned on and connected to the internet and don’t worry the update is automatic and no other action needed from you. You will receive an in-app notification once the update is complete.

We look forward to hearing your feedback and welcome to the My Cloud Home and ibi beta program

Thank you,

My Cloud Home & ibi Product Team

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My understanding is that Ibi is the simplified photo-only version of MCH