My cloud home affecting third party antivirus

Is anyone having problems after installing/using MyCloud Home device and software with third-party anti-virus software (Trend Micro)?

I have Trend Micro Titanium vs 12.0 installed on Windows 10 PC, which keeps stopping and being put into “sleep mode”, but only when my WD Cloud device is syncing. If I close the WD service via webapp or mobile app the Trend software is OK.

I have tried to put relevant WD EXE files from “C:/Program” & “C: Program (X86)” folders into the Trend Exceptions List without success; namely:

I have even reinstalled the third-party anti-virus but problem keeps happening and their Tech Support is at a loss at the moment!!

Any thoughts/help would be appreciated.

Do you see any similar type of issue syncing to any other cloud service? Dropbox, iCloud, etc?

Also you already have a post on this so there is no real need to double post. if you have any updates you should update the post you already had.

No issues with any other “cloud services”. Although the My Cloud Home sync from my PC is shown as a drive (Z://) rather than pure cloud access. So it is a “direct” syncing from PC to WD device via modem/router, is it not? The cloud element come from other non-LAN devices accessing the backups “remotely”, is this not the case?

With regards to cloud access, it can do both. Will attempt to use the local connection when available but is perfectly capable of syncing remotely via the cloud if necessary (at the expense of transfer performance).

With regard to the anti virus, this is a new one to me. We’ve seen cases where anti virus software can block our app from installing, but never where we has an impact on their ability to run. I’m checking with the team to what could possible cause this.

My Cloud Home Product Team